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Originally Posted by SamuraiBigEd View Post
I have been wondering about this, an enlightened member hit a few near my house 3 minutes apart which means he would have had to hit absolutely no traffic and every green light to make it in time.

Also one of my fellow resistance members set up an IRC channel and responded to somebody's post that there were "other tips and tricks that won't be discussed here, only on the IRC". My senses are tingling big time here, may have to join to see if they are offering cheat tips, can't stand any cheating even if it benefits me!

Is there a place to report suspected cheats?
if the timestamps are too close to be lagit report the user and they will be banned! people have been using various apps that shouldnt be said here to get to where they need to be. it is VERY tempting and easy to do but its not right!
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