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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
I can't agree with any of that statement. The President is a very public figure, and the election season produced thousands of hours of video, audio and written transcripts documenting precisely what the President said. If the President did something less than "honest and upstanding" there must be ample evidence of it. Bearing this in mind, innuendo just plain doesn't cut it, especially so long afterwards.
Which facts and statements were documented that should have costed the President his first term and kept his re-election to be a failure? If "documented lies" didnt scar the President's reputation and 2nd term, it seems that such newshound agencies do what they do best; try to influence public views on a

I know everybody's imperfect and things may be said or promised things they didnt deliver. But still, his character and leadership outshine Romney's any day.
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