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Hey y'all. I'm not usually on this site but I am on another popular board I won't disclose just out of respect for this site..

Okay so I got a couple questions about your phones..

I need you to go into settings>about> now scroll down to android version and if your at 4.0+ I might know how to fix it.

If your on gingerbread 2.3.x (android 2.3.x)
I recommend going to at&t/rogers support site and see if others on their support sites have the same issues and if or what support measures they give you for that version you should hold to it.

If your phone is rooted (look in your app drawer, looks like 4 blocks 2 stacks of 2) for an app called superuser..

If you have this your phone is without warranty and you should go learn how to get a stock ics from on your phone before support will help you.

As for android 4.0.+ users,

You will want to root your phone, its very easy but you will want to install clockworkmodrecovery, do not install the app from the market place as its not gonna help you, there is no officially supported recovery mod by the clockwork dev group for our phone model sgh-i927.

The reason you need this? Your going to get a zip aligned arm7 optimized copy through the recovery because its the best way to root it.

Google how to install clockworkmodrecovery on Samsung captivate glide

You will find a site in the top10 that will educate you for sure..

You will need drivers for your computer, this will be on or in the online notes of the googled cwmr install and you will need Odin3 1.85
This is going to flash the phone.

Okay now if you turn the phone off.. press and hold the volume up button and power, keep holding until it prints some white letters at the top saying download mode and.some other random. Looking numbers and letters, and release..

Plug in your glide via USB and launch Odin

I am not gonna tell you the rest but if you Google how to do what I first said, you find a site that says what I was saying about all the above, you got the right site

Now to fix that battery...

You need to get a new kernel installed, stock ics kernels nice, but there are some so much better
. You want to Google litekernel v1.1.1 by thegreatergood and make sure you have clockworkmodrecovery installed
Now power down the phone, press and hold volume down and power and hold until you see white letters scroll across your screen and let go.

Depending in the version of two options clockworkrecovery you will either tap or use volume up and down to go up and Down, and power button will use highlighted option. Either way we want to basically do the same thing we did to root the phone, just want to do so with the kernel.

I am sorry for lack of full disclosed info but I dunno this sites terms of service and wish to not violate them.
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