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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
I must point out that that quote is patently misleading. It attributes "Pinocchios" to the President and former Governor Romney personally, yet the entirety of the "proof" that Mr. Kessler offers to support that allegation is labeled either "Democratic version" or "Republican version", and contains nothing that implicates either candidate personally.
From the page that I did link to there is a link that lets you drill down into the numbers from the quote...

Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
The worst part is that this quote is that it's from a blog, which is not the same as real news. It's just some guy's opinion. I have a blog of my own. That doesn't make me a respected journalist, and it certainly doesn't make everything that I put on the blog magically true.
I understand the convenience of that argument but in my opinion blog vs "real news" is a distinction without a difference in this case. The Washington Post itself refers to "The Fact Checker" as a column that it sees fit to publish under its name. Call me naive but I think that rises above the level of some random guy blogging from a basement.
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