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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I didn't see too many Democratic PAC ads this year. Equal time consisted of Obama approved ads, and scads of Republican PACS. Stations would run the approved ad for equal time and follow up with the most scurrilous PAC ads.
I have a little test: take two minutes and try to find as many Republican PACs Super PACs that you can. Use Google, whatever you want. Now do the exact same thing in the exact same time for Democratic PACs and Super PACs. Notice anything?

Next, take those PAC names, and try to find credible evidence that each and every one of those PACs participated in the 2012 Presidential elections. If your results are anything like mine, you'll know a lot about the GOP PACs, right down to the name of the GOP operative who runs it and probably a few ads they ran. But on the Democratic side the numbers are way different. Same thing with the names. Just try to name a single Democratic PAC leader on the same level of Karl Rove. Nobody, right? The closest I got was Rahm Emanuel, who isn't running a PAC, but canceled all of his fund raising activities because he was too busy running Chicago.

Here's where the hypocrisy comes in. The Republican narrative has been droning on about how the Democrats are doing the exact same things that the Republicans, and at the same levels. The thing is that the numbers simply don't support the GOP narrative. There weren't dozens of Democratic Super PACs oozing 9-figure donations. There weren't Democratic media blitzes anywhere near the scale of the Republicans'. There weren't dozens of Democratic PACs injecting tens of millions of last-minute dollars to bolster losing Democratic local campaigns.

Why? Because the people who supported the non-Republican campaigns didn't send money to PACs and Super PACs; they donated to their candidate(s) campaigns for the most part. That's what I did. That's what my friends and neighbors did. (Yes, everyone I know either works for a living or would kill to get a job, including me.)

I live in a town who worshipped Tim Tebow's butt and most had signs about "no new taxes"
I have family members. I love them dearly, but have seen them lose scary amounts of money to Amway-style get rich quick pyramid schemes, faith healers and "concerned citizens" who lecture about black helicopters, the Illuminati, the World Bank and the Antichrist. The adults have FOX "News" going 24/7 and the kids have the FOX Electronic Babysitter / Indoctrinator Channel going 24/7 on the kid's TVs. (Scary but true.) I'll go out on a limb and guess that a tiny fraction of the income for the dozen or so PACs with "Prosperity" in their names came in the form of checks that are big money for these relatives of mine.

I also don't watch much commercial TV. PBS doesn't run these ads. We do watch commercial OTA for news and sports. I think the Vulcan had it with the word BS - applied liberally to ANY political ad.
Remember that most of those ads had to target the Low Information Voter. They had to be as batpoop crazy as their audience. They didn't even remotely resemble any of the President's speeches, did they? Of course not!
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