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Originally Posted by cjr72 View Post
From the page that I did link to there is a link that lets you drill down into the numbers from the quote...
That's nice, but I didn't see any of that quoted either. I also noticed that your new page is only a list of links to other blog posts. Same basic problem still. I'm not biting, sorry. But thanks for revealing that you do in fact have an agenda.

I understand the convenience of that argument but in my opinion blog vs "real news" is a distinction without a difference in this case. The Washington Post itself refers to "The Fact Checker" as a column that it sees fit to publish under its name. Call me naive but I think that rises above the level of some random guy blogging from a basement.
Nice try, but the URL* says "blog" not "column". The menu clearly states "Blogs & Columns" and not "blogs are columns". Case closed.

I will not call you naive. Anybody who can fit four logical fallacies into seven words is anything but naive.

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