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Originally Posted by CaptainRon View Post
The place looks great Ryan. I hope Austin works out for you. I will be relocating in a couple years and dread the hassle.
Don't take this the wrong way Capn but I actually though about how nice it would have been to have a Great pilot on 3 of the 4 flights we took... And wished it had been you flying us this weekend. Took a picture for ya just to prove I was thinking of you....
Seriously tho, I have not flown since 1998 and only 1 of the 4 flights was smooth. At all.
We had several bumpy takeoffs and a lot of bounces on touchdown. 2 flights so rough the overhead bins were popping open with stuff coming out during landing, one flight that hit turbulence good enough to throw the attendant down the aisle on his back, several conversations over the intercom that passengers should not have heard, and a close call on the ground in Austin with 3 airplanes taxiing to the same spot at the same time...
On 1 of the flights apparently the cabin channel was on during take off, after a pretty good bounce... (yes, I said on take off...) we all heard an Oops come over the intercom. And on the same flight, the pilot or copilot apologized Before we landed about a rough landing... That was encouraging.
And then on the last flight, after a 3-bounce landing, the pilot welcomed us to Phoenix. (that's where we had just come from,) and let us know it would be a balmy 72 degrees... And thanked us for flying American Airlines... Then another voice came on the speaker to apologize and let us know we had actually made it to Santa Barbara, it was 43 degrees, and thanks for flying Us Air express.. And that we would be landing soon... (as we were pulling up to the gate)

Anyways, I commented that we should have had Captain Ron from AF fly us... My wife agreed. Lol.

Overall it was a great weekend away! We had a great time, and are a little stressed but excited to be done with the move already!
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