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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
That's nice, but I didn't see any of that quoted either. I also noticed that your new page is only a list of links to other blog posts. Same basic problem still. I'm not biting, sorry. But thanks for revealing that you do in fact have an agenda.
From the original page that I linked to if you go all the way down to the second sentence of the article the link is indeed there called Pinocchio Tracker that addresses what was quoted. My apologies for leaving it to others to understand the magic of a linked World Wide Web and not flattening and reproducing the entire Wapo Fact Checker site into a single forum post.

Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Nice try, but the URL* says "blog" not "column". The menu clearly states "Blogs & Columns" and not "blogs are columns". Case closed.
Perhaps we are getting a bit too pedantic here but Washington Post does indeed refer to Fact Checker as a column in the first sentence of this page. Anyhow this reminds me of posts I've read down the stretch by Romney supporters trying to dismiss Nate Silver's analysis of the polls with "YEAH BUT HE'S JUST A BLOGGER!!!!!!!!"
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