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Default Feeling left out (andoid user existential crisis)

Hey all. I have started to notice a disturbing pattern. It seems as if us Android adopters are black sheep. The freedom and uniqueness we have with our devices, seems to come at a price. You notice where ever you go, there seems to be no room for us?

Local stores, best buy, walmart, etc loaded with iGear (if you can actually find what you want, that is).

I have been trying to take more advantage of my prime membership through amazon, you know, they offer a ton of streaming movies and TV. Well, android seems to be left high and dry for devices you can stream on. iPads are welcome.

Everywhere you go, its Apple this, iThat. Its a monopoly. This, to me, feels like an anti trust issue. Okay, perhaps that is a bit stretching it, but it feels like that sometimes.

I feel, as a primarily android user, that there is no room for me. I feel shunned. Left out. Like a black sheep.

And the most ironic thing, I DO look at Apple Devices. I love tech. I am not a fan boy, I enjoy tech, I opted for android because I like the platform. But there are issues. And, sadly, Apple does indeed fill many of those holes:

Photography. Yeah, I can get photos from my camera onto SOME android devices, its a pain. Photoshop express does not work on any of my devices. In many cases, I need to root my device to do this! When I had the ipad 1, before I passed it along, I had a $30 camera connection kit. The thing would pull images directly from my camera over USB or the SD card! It was slick. Just pick and chose what I wanted, import, and done! Then I could load up photoshop and tinker with.

Okay, now, I am sure there is software available on android that will do this same task, but as I said, getting images seems to be a bit more of a PITA to do so.

Also, syncing my computer with my device. Well, for some reason, I often have to fight with windows to make drivers work. A real turn off if you are in a hurry. Once again, I am sure there are ways to make my tablet talk to my PC, which, is now not working. But, the iCloud. Yeah. I think this is well thought out.

Android has dropbox.

Other stuff.

Being a guitar player, I stumbled across something called iRig. Its pretty much an adapter to plug your guitar strait into an iphone, ipad, or ipod, and with a free app (or more expensive purchase for more stuff), the device turns into a digital effects pedel. Now, this is slick.

Where is the android version of this!? Where are the android accessories? Other then screen protectors and keyboards and bluetooth speakers? Where is my set top box or airplay similar setup? DLNA!? Only on some devices and I think only my router supports DLNA and my TV is not connected to it. HDMI cables and adapters are hard to get and many are not supported by my android hardware! Seems if I want to do something apple can do, many times I either cant, or need a strange work around to make it work "kind of"

But going back to the point, yeah, I do feel left out, shunned because I opted to use android.

Don't get me wrong. I love being able to change my keyboard software, customize my device, update software myself. Change my background, I love the widgets, but to get some actual functionality for some things I want to do? Often times I feel left out and frustrated.

Anyone else feel this way? Do you feel like a black sheep sometimes because you go against the grain and use android?

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