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Aj, I can't believe you're still an Android user after all you've been through!
Personally, there's a bit that frustrates me. Accessories for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch are everywhere! At the 7/11! Where can I get an accessory for my Gnex? Um, outside of Amazon, nowhere.
I don't know a ton about iOS apps, but it seems they really do cater to niche users (technicians, musicians, doctors, teachers, etc) with quality apps. Are there some for Android, yeah, but often they just fall short.
I sort of like how Windows is controlling WP7/8 manufacturers with common functionality. All phones need to have the basics for apps to run along their ecosystem smoothly, but it's also quite limiting.
For me, Android gets the job done. I don't use too many apps (just a handful in fact). I can get to my notifications quickly, send a quick text/email, look up some info on the web etc. iPhone has a massive ecosystem which hopefully Android will seriously rival one day.
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