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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Well, speaking as an American who was raised in the US and studied the US Constitution in school from grade school through college and beyond, as someone who was brought up to believe in the American Way, yes it really is.
Why would someone study the US Constitution so much anyway? Are you a lawyer? As for the American way, it also entails rampant individualism, aint a fan.

Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Never before in US history have we had a Supreme Court justice (never mind five at once) who openly flouted the rule of the Constitution, and actively participated in partisan politics (with clear conflicts of interest) while on the bench. Such actions were so unthinkable that our Constitution has no provisions for how to handle this level of corruption. It is a truly perilous situation.
Yeah well US justices seems to be awfully partisan, its a bit ridiculous really. FDR didnt help with his idea of packing the Supreme Court back in the day.
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