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Default Quick working guide

So, for all of you who want to root, this is a quick 10-step beta guide. Use at your own risk, im not responsible, etc.

1. Install es file explorer.
2. use it to go to /system/etc/
3. long press, open as text, use es note editor.
4. (The follwoing some quoted parts are copied from TommyTopDrive's posts. His work, not mine) Navagate to, "the very bottom (just above "exit 0")" and, add the following:

chmod 0777 /system
chmod 0777 /system/bin

5. Save the file. Then repeat step 3. and add a 1 after the "#!/system/bin/sh" and save. Then repeat step 3 again and remove the 1. The reason you do this is because, "it makes a backup and might try to load the backup."
6. restart your phone.
7. Push (or copy from sd card) the su bianary file to /system/bin
8. do steps 2 and 3, then below the code you put in earlier, put in, "

chown root.root /system/bin/su
chmod 06755 /system/bin/su

9."reboot again and verify by adb from a command prompt that su is owned by root and is rwsr-sr-x by doing the following (press return after each line):

adb shell
cd /system/bin
ls -l

10. "install superuser.apk and install busybox...oh, and that means your rooted."

And then your all set! You welcome to all!
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