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A check-back and thanks for those patient with me while looking for a phone for WifelyMon earlier.

Last week BestBuy had a one day free LTEvo for new and _upgrade_ customers.

She found the Note 2 too big, the Q keyboard too crowded. They didn't have the Mach on display and the extra glass on the G was out of the question.

So she went with the LTEvo, tried a bunch of keyboards, and likes the stock HTC one. It's bigger and the screen has enough real estate for her on that, so she's becoming very happy with glass typing. (Reminder, she always used a slider before, last one was the Sherman M1 Shift.)

Icing on the cake - Amazon had the blue Otterbox Defender for $22, $30 with express shipping, and she loves the color.

S-off and running Viper4G, she's not only happy, she found the setup that she likes better than her Shift.

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