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Originally Posted by Daphne Manners View Post

Unfortunately I have not found any suitable on-ear headphones. (I cannot use the in-ear or earbud style) IOS users can pick from a huge range with inline remotes, mics, volume control, open or closed back, big cans or neat foldables. In the meantime I cannot find one set with an inline remote that will control the volume on my phone. I finally found some philips on-ear headphones with a working mic but the volume control does not work.

If anyone has a suggestions for over-the-ear headphones with inline remote, I would be very grateful to hear them.
Hi Daphne, i feel your frustration.. many month ago (even till now) when i first got my Android phone/HTC ONE x.
Unfortunately there is no straight solution to this unless the headphone manufacturer makes headsets specifically for Android devices.
As you know there isnt much out there with this inbuild as the so called 'main stream' still revolves around Apple product. Hopefully it'll gradually change since the fail of iphone5.

On this note however, different type of headsets (for 'i' products) sometimes produces different functions to button pressings. For example my Incase over-the-ears has 3 button (vol up / middle button / vol down), though both vol up and down dont do nothing, but the middle button does:
single press - pause/play
long press - google now voice search
double press - next track
And i just have to control the vol up and down via the phones button.

NOW if you dont even want to touch your phone for vol control, there is one great solution, without bounded by headset-android combo, is to use an app called [Headset Button Controller] #?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5rb2Jlci5oZWFkc2V0Il0.

This will basically let you configure extra functions to your middle button.
For example it now has [press button 4 times] function where it'll activate this:
[vol 1 start > steps up a vol every dot timing > until max vol]
and you press the middle button to select any of the reached desired volume.

hope this helps!
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