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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Why would someone study the US Constitution so much anyway?
  • Because that's what we do in this country.
  • Because it was a mandatory subject when I went to school.
  • To understand how the government works.
  • To give soon-to-be voters the basic skills needed to vote effectively.
  • Because the US Constitution is the platform on which all US law is built.
  • To be a better citizen and member of society.
  • To know enough to keep from being a criminal.
  • Curiosity.
  • Because passing a Constitution test used to be a requirement for matriculation.
Are you a lawyer?
No, I'm an engineer.

As for the American way, it also entails rampant individualism, aint a fan.
No, the American Way does not entail rampant individualism.

FDR didnt help with his idea of packing the Supreme Court back in the day.
He didn't? I disagree.

First of all, FDR presided over the worst economic depression in the history of the United States. FDR had to make tough decisions and take bold actions to arrest and turn around this crippling economic situation. But he faced an old and conservative Supreme Court that had been packed by FDR's predecessors, the same people who caused the Great Depression and left it for FDR to repair.

One very important point to remember is that FDR did no court-packing himself. What he did do was go to Congress and ask for legislation that could break the Supreme Court's dangerous meddling with the other two branches of government during a time of national crisis. FDR went strictly "by the book" by going to Congress. Another important thing to take note of is that FDR's bill failed in Congress.

FDR led the US out of the great Depression, and later as a wartime President elevated America to being a world power. The first world power that was not built on conquest and imperialism. We all know how Germany dealt with the Great Depression (which was a worldwide crisis), and the tragic results of that decision. Bearing this in mind, IMHO FDR did a pretty darn good job, all things considered.
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