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just installed viber and on the welcome screen it says "free messages and calls to other Viber users". Just as I figured. These programs are great, if all parties use the same program. But I need one that DOES NOT require the other person to have the same app (I AM NOT teaching granny how to use it, I've shown her how to transfer PC files over a dozen times and she STILL can't do it).

Even though this is a phone (droid 2), it will be used as a tablet/ipod (no cellular connection, wifi only). Heywire is the only app SO FAR that at least can send/receive txts to ANYONE free (but not without its quirks, couldn't use the last 20 avaliable characters in a txt for example, can't just keep writing and send multiple txts, have to stop, send then start a new txt to finish).

I'm mostly just want a call function incase our kids need to call us or if they want to talk to nana or one of their friends. They're only 7, so I don't have to worry bout the teenage phone factor of a min of 5hr talk times.
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