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I am not rich nor disinterested. I watch PBS as I think that movies, sitcoms, and the usual crap on commercial channels is stupid. I'm also too cheap to subscribe to cable. I'll only pay if I can get a la carte.

What I don't like about conservatives is mostly related to science.
Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about environmental issues when couched in terms of fending off threats to 'purity'

It's this freaking purity that bothers me. Smacks to much of Naziism and racial purity.

The human Genome is being sequenced, and most of us unless we are purely African, have some Neanderthal DNA. Doesn't bother me, but conservative scientists are disputing since that would upset the notion that Homo Sapiens was too smart to breed with Neanderthals, or they weren't human enough to crossbreed. Africans are exempt if they stayed in Africa and didn't migrate and come back. This bothers the purists as the only people with no Neanderthal DNA are black.

Climate change, shortages, running out of oil, copper, you name it - nothing bothers them as long as they can make a profit.

I worked in Radio Advertising. We did market to a lot of super conservative networks. But a lot of ads also went the other way if we had stations that supported the certain required demographic.

I think we need regulation. Those fires in the garment industry in Bangladesh were caused by the same greed that dominates here (and some of the same companies). If our companies could get away with no regulations, they would. It was common in the beginning of the industrial age and is just as common now. People have totally forgotten about the "Robber Barons" and Tammany Hall.
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