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^ Good, a little inspiration for me to do it. Unfortunately I don't get a strong WiFi signal on my Hero phones, so browser demonstrations won't be worthwhile. But yes, it's really quite impressive to see how fluid and snappy Sense is on 2.1. Of course, the major caveat is that you can't have too many apps installed. And some apps will slow it down.

I bought my handset off of eBay. Hero's are for sale up there every day. Many of them suffer the typical wear problems, like silver finish on the bezel/buttons and nicks along the casing edges. But some show up in good cosmetic condition. Prices are all over the place. I've seen them go for as cheaply as $12 where functional but cosmetically challenged, and $90 for new-in-box. I got a terrific deal on mine, because the seller posted terrible photos of a smudged screen (he just hadn't cleaned it). Just a few minor nicks and no bezel wear to speak of. MEID checked out A-OK with Sprint. I don't plan on activating it, because doing so will pop me into the extra $10/mo bracket (ANY smart phone change will do that). It'll be an emergency backup, but also serve as a desktop weather/time display instrument.
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