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Originally Posted by viciousmo View Post
The link in your sig, I have a couple of questions about.

So, essentially, data is turned off when your screen is for >15 mins? And is enabled once you unlock your screen? And, is that application named tasker?

What are you sacrificing using this?
Even that Tasker profile is for only particular lifestyles. Again, if you real-time notifications on everything with absolutely no lag ever, then you should never turn your data off.

If, however, you want your data on when you are actually using your phone, and then only occasionally synced in the background when you're not using your phone, something like Juice Defender is good.

Tasker isn't this, though. Tasker allows you to do this. Think of it like Legos. Legos are just a bunch of pieces. You can assemble them into various cool types of buildings, but Legos aren't building (just building blocks).

Tasker allows you to automate various tasks based on different triggering events. In this case, the automation is turning data off... and turning it back on. The trigger is your screen turning off or turning on. The extra 15 minutes is just in case you're checking your phone frequently for a short stretch of time. During that short stretch, you don't want data to turn off every single time you turn off your screen.
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