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Originally Posted by dylane View Post
Syncing would allow you to have all of it on every device (assuming you have enough storage on your phone of course). Alternatively, you would be able to sync individual folders to individual devices if you didn't want everything on every device. The nice thing about this is you can buy an album from your computer, and then have it automatically show up on every other device you own.

I'll be looking for a syncing solution for Android also. I used to use Rsync to sync my tablet and NAS, which was a pain to get setup, but worked pretty well after I got it working. I had to reflash a few months back though, and haven't bothered to try and figure out how to get it setup again though.

Ahh, so it'll auto d/l the mp3/whatever to my phone/whatever. Hmmm, no, my phone won't hold all my music. I doubt any phone would unless it has well over 100gb.
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