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Originally Posted by arej00dazed View Post
Ahh, so it'll auto d/l the mp3/whatever to my phone/whatever. Hmmm, no, my phone won't hold all my music. I doubt any phone would unless it has well over 100gb.
Which is why I won't buy a phone without expandable storage. My 3 year old phone has 32GB + 64GB. I'm having to take a bit of a temporary step down in storage when my Note 2 comes, since it will only have 16GB of internal storage. But I have a relatively small collection at around 40GB.

But you can use sync with subset folders rather than the entire collection, so your wife can have a folder and your kids get their own folder, etc...that way you still have anything that you put in those folders automatically get pushed out to the appropriate devices (At least that's how it worked on my Nokia, I'm assuming I can find something with at least that level of functionality on Android.)
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