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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
Hey all. I have started to notice a disturbing pattern. It seems as if us Android adopters are black sheep. The freedom and uniqueness we have with our devices, seems to come at a price. You notice where ever you go, there seems to be no room for us?
There is room for us all. You should feel bad ONLY if you LET them make you feel bad. Not sure what your point is. My local stores stock more Android phones than other brands. The local places actually stock BB, Apple, Android and Windows phones.

I will tell you that you can become a black sheep if you JB and Apple iDevice. Been there, done that, told a few to burn in a hot place.

Fortunately, in my group, people use all kinds of products and they are not abject morons like you find on the edges of the web, where so many people are just clueless pissy fools.

Retailers sell what sells. This is always been the way in the world of retail marketing. In my local stores, Apple has their own place and the rest of the counter spaces are filled with other products. Apple is prominent but they do not rule the retailers.

As for apps, ask a developer to create one. Devs likely prioritize their time and if I were to become a dev, I would develop for Apple because there is money in that orchard.

Manufacturers have created plenty of crap for Android devices. Thousands of products for many different phones. Can't swing a dead cat without knocking over a vast array of products. Several dedicated stores in my area stock more for Android than they do for Apple.
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