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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
Hey all. I have started to notice a disturbing pattern. It seems as if us Android adopters are black sheep. The freedom and uniqueness we have with our devices, seems to come at a price. You notice where ever you go, there seems to be no room for us?
Here in America we're constantly being reminded that many people shed their blood and gave their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy. Although more recent examples of that are often jingoistic hype, it is a good reminder that nothing is free. If you want equal treatment, you must insist on it. You will not have to shed blood, but you will need to lift a finger. Your post is a good start.

If a store only sells and supports proprietary products, don't shop there any more. And tell them why. If Amazon Prime doesn't work with "a web browser", ask them to fix it. If they don't, stop buying it. And tell them why.

Everywhere you go, its Apple this, iThat. Its a monopoly. This, to me, feels like an anti trust issue. Okay, perhaps that is a bit stretching it, but it feels like that sometimes.
It's not a monopoly, but it is a hegemony. And it may well be an anti-trust issue. Since you've been cheated by it, write to the local FBI and US Attorney and ask them to investigate.

Photography. Yeah, I can get photos from my camera onto SOME android devices, its a pain. Photoshop express does not work on any of my devices...
Pardon me if I appear to be obtuse about this, but you have a phone with a built-in camera. And you want to transfer photos from another camera straight to your phone? And you want to run Photoshop on a telephone? Why?

Also, syncing my computer with my device. Well, for some reason, I often have to fight with windows to make drivers work. A real turn off if you are in a hurry. Once again, I am sure there are ways to make my tablet talk to my PC, which, is now not working.
Have you considered the possibility that a non-functioning PC might not be a failure of Android? IJS

Being a guitar player, I stumbled across something called iRig. Its pretty much an adapter to plug your guitar strait into an iphone, ipad, or ipod, and with a free app (or more expensive purchase for more stuff), the device turns into a digital effects pedel. Now, this is slick.
Wanna see slick? Take a look at this:

That's the gear that Pete Cornish built for guitarist David Gilmour for Pink Floyd's 1994 tour. I'd be mighty disappointed to see Mr. Gilmour playing his guitar over a phone handset.

As far as I'm concerned, IRIG is the time code that is used to keep all my clocks in sync. And I have little patience left for Apple ripping off other products' names. There are plenty of fine products on the market to DI your guitar into electronics, and FOSS sound servers like Jack that support effects plug-ins. You might consider putting Linux on that dead Windows PC and trying out Jack. If you don't own a guitar amp, get yourself a Pignose as a starter amp. Don't hide your music under a bushel; let it out.

Where are the android accessories? Other then screen protectors and keyboards and bluetooth speakers?
Android is a GUI, not a consumer product. There are millions of consumer products out there that use Android. If the product doesn't do what you want, then don't buy it. Blaming Android or any other software for the shortcomings of the hardware that you chose really isn't fair.
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