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I'm also having problems with the internet not working but I think I have a bit of a different problem than the rest of you.

My phone is an HTC Hero S from US Cellular. Version 2.3.4

1. The internet works in Opera Mini all the time

2. The internet will usually work to sync Gmail emails to my phone although sometimes it seems to lose connection but will fix it self and sync several hours later.

3. The internet in other programs usually works, like the Reddit apps. I can load stories, although it seems slow at times (maybe it is reconnecting/resetting internet connections?) somtimes links will have to be opened in the browser (opera mini) for them to display. Possibly, again, because the connection could be interrupted.

4. Other browsers PARTIALLY work, even after a fresh install. For example, I can go to and run a speed test just fine but going to will either not work, work once, or only load the sidebars and not any profile or feed data (although it will load the notifications.) This is true for Dolphin and Opera Mobile especially. The stock browser sort of works a little more reliably but still has some issues.

- I have tried resetting my phone to factory defaults. This seemed to fix it for a little while, but it doesn't seem to be working perfectly the whole time and it seems to be getting worse.

- 3g generally works better tan Wifi for syncing reliability. It also seems to load web pages in any browser perfectly.

- I am at a college campus WiFi the entire time, so the wifi is very good, reliable and has excellent strength.

- For many connectivity issues, resetting the wifi or switching between 3g and wifi will temporarily fix the problem for 5-30 minutes or so.
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