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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
I think Debian is a pretty good OS. Some believe it is hard to use, same as Slackware. But those two were the first distros I was able to install and use when I first tried linux.

I'm currently running Mageia 3 Alpha3 and Salix 14 OS, which is based on Slackware.
FYI Mageia is a redux of Mandrake, and Mandrake started off with the intention of being nothing more than being RedHat with KDE instead of GNOME. Then it became so much more.

I started my Linux usership with Slackware, and after a period of giving Red Hat and its derivatives I've gone back to a Slackware...derivative. These days it's pretty hard to see that SuSE came from Slackware (the familiar "a", "ap"... file tree is long gone) and that's fine by me.

This year I had the opportunity to check out a fresh release from the moribund company Mandriva (what Mandrake turned into under the control of businesspeople) had the displeasure of contending with a locked-down Ubuntu, and got to play with some other Linux distros as I searched for an easy Linux desktop to run a web browser on that anyone could figure out. Much to my surprise, I found that (mainly because the web app was greedy with CPU cycles, so old computers need not apply) my own desktop and server favorite, OpenSUSE was the ideal Linux distro for 2012.

Slackware will always be my Linux first love, and I've had several long-term relationships with other Linux distros. Caldera looked like "the one" before they went batpoop crazy. I fell head over heels for Mandrake/Mandriva, and waited a long time pining for her. But the Mandriva that's on the corporate crack pipe isn't recovering so I must take my heart and move on. (Her little sister wouldn't be the same.) I've had a long friendship with SuSE, and have been living with her for a while now. I think it's time to take the next step and get

SLED/SLES. (I can take the romance simile only so far. )

BTW, when it comes to desktop environments, tried-and-true KED3 is my top pick for 2012. GNOME3 and KDE4 have been disasters. Canonical's attempts to merge, then replace them isn't working. LXDE shows promise but is still only a window manager. KDE3 is being maintained and refined by OpenSUSE, and forked by the Trinity Desktop Environment. I have an open mind, and welcome whatever emerges as the next quantum advancement to the computer GUI. But for 2012 my winner is KDE3.
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