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Default More issues

Whenever I make a call the screen automatically shuts off. If I want to use speaker phone I have to hit power button to wake it up then hit the speaker phone button. Plus, if I'm trying to call a number that's busy and I'm trying again (think radio contest) without even putting the phone near my head it shuts off. If I'm making a regular call and then pull the phone away from head to hang up I still have to hit the power button to bring the phone awake! Has something drastically changed? All of my old HTC Android phones (Hero, Original EVO) would do this just fine.

Another problem I recently ran into was an errors stating I was almost out of memory. I believe it came from Tasker because it said if the phone is too low on memory Tasker could start behaving badly (paraphrasing of course). This has only happened one time and I when I look at memory usage it showed over 200mb available. What does Tasker need to run? Should I have stuck with the GS3?!?!?!

Please reply ASAP, tomorrow is my last day to return phone if that's what I choose to do.
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