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Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
This sounds like a simple proximity sensor issue. Do you have a screen protector installed on the glass? Its a simple problem with a simple fix. Check out this thread for some more information on this: | HTC Evo 4G LTE - Proximity sensor not working | HTC Evo 4G LTE - Slight red light?
I started wondering if it might be the Zagg. Got my phone and Zagg free at BB and they installed it. I see the notch seems to be about half way over the proximity sensor. I'll try getting that fixed by tomorrow and see what happens.

Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
If you plan to root you should not have issues.
I've found that keeping my stock setup very lean&mean and not worrying about memory is the best fix for me.
So you rooted then just removed some of the bloatware from Sprint?

Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
I don't think so, but I've become self opposed to the Galaxy S 3 based upon its blind overpopularity. I don't want to see the open and choice filled Android device market slimmed even more by the unthinking majority of one device or one manufacturer. The grass is not always greener.
But by all means, do what is the best for your personal situation. My opinion is obviously swayed, but the Evo 4G LTE is a stellar phone even with its few qualms.
I'm kind of the same way and I definitely had my qualms about the S3 which is why I gave it to my son and used his upgrade for the EVO. He loves the S3 but then again, he had an orginal Galaxy so he likes the way Samsung(Touchwiz) works. Not to say that I didn't like some things that it did. I guess there's no perfect phone for me but hey, at least I still have an FM radio!

Now, is there an app that will replicate what Samsung did with NFC and WiFi direct? The search is on.
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