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Originally Posted by mustang5o View Post

I started wondering if it might be the Zagg. Got my phone and Zagg free at BB and they installed it. I see the notch seems to be about half way over the proximity sensor. I'll try getting that fixed by tomorrow and see what happens.

So you rooted then just removed some of the bloatware from Sprint?

I'm kind of the same way and I definitely had my qualms about the S3 which is why I gave it to my son and used his upgrade for the EVO. He loves the S3 but then again, he had an original Galaxy so he likes the way Samsung(Touchwiz) works. Not to say that I didn't like some things that it did. I guess there's no perfect phone for me but hey, at least I still have an FM radio!

Now, is there an app that will replicate what Samsung did with NFC and WiFi direct? The search is on.
Free Zagg, not a bad deal. I know I wouldn't use it for 1 cent more than that though.

I'm not rooted and completely stock, haven't taken any updates, only needed applications are installed and not through the Market. Thinking of rooting right before the upcoming Jelly Bean update though. Been putting off rooting for over 2 years - I've been afraid to become the guy with too many ROMS.

Yeah I use the FM Radio frequently. Just used it Sunday to listen to the football game while shoveling a foot of snow off the driveway.

You probably won't find one that is integrated as well and uses NFC, but there are a few WiFi-Direct applications around like WiFi Shoot.
Google should really update Android Beam to use WiFi Direct for large files, and continue to use Bluetooth for small files.
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