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Originally Posted by gingersnapgirl View Post
I have it on my tablet, and I use email and browsing a lot on it. It does not work in the To: field, or in any browser that I use (firefox/Chrome)

it also does not work in the Google Play store, or the Epicurious recipe app, or the google calendar app (to add events)

It may work in many more, but these are the ones i use most often, so the fact that it doesn't work on them is really annoying/frustrating and kind of a deal breaker. I'll keep it installed and check back periodically to see if this is something that gets fixed.
I hadn't thought about browsers and tablets. I only us on my phone and I almost never use a browser for anything on the phone so it's not as bad for me. Makes you wonder if they deliberately left it out of the beta but will fix it in the paid version to make sure people actually buy it and not just keep and use the beta!!!
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