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Default Good Proper Games for S3

Hi All

I just purchased a S3 and I'm loving it so far.

I'm just wondering what are some good proper games out there, I had hoped that when I upgraded a whole bunch of new more proper games would list in Google Play but I just see the same old gimicy ones I saw on my LG P500.

By proper I mainly mean games that are similar to games you would see on PC, I'm not fussed really on graphics or anything its more the gameplay thats important I'm just sick of the crap gimicy games I've played on my other phone (you know things like angry birds, stickman jump whatever etc).

I would love to find some fighter games like Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat that sorta stuff. Also I'd love some TBS games like a remake of the Civilization series or something would be great for wasting time on my phone.

But really I am open to anything thats decent in gameplay/replayability etc.

I have heard that you can get emulators on decent androids and would be interested in that as I have some on my PC already, do these emulators make the old games touch screen capable?

Anyway, thanks in advance.


EDIT: Also I wouldn't mind paying if it was worth it, its just that I have no idea if they are decent etc before purchase.

EDIT: Also a hack and slash like diablo would be awesome to, just thinking of proper game examples that would work well on touch screens etc.
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