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RyanB: Well, you could take the nuclear option and do a factory reset followed by restoring your apps one at a time to find the culprit

That is NOT an option at this point! To make a long story short, I have gone through too many trials of having to rebuild my system from scratch, the last couple of weeks. I have close to 300 apps installed now, so I don't have any more time for that!
I would never think that a reset is NOT an option, let alone proclaim it.

I have about a hundred apps and always figured that as long as Iím trying software from complete strangers, the occasional reset is almost inevitable.

To that end I backed them up with AppMonster and kept track of it all with MyAppsList. And I have had to reset a few times, but with that stuff, it was not even a couple hours to put everything back. I assume in your case it would just take three times as long.
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