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Originally Posted by jmartino5920 View Post
I totally hear you. My wife is jealous of iPhone users' ability to buy a bedazzled case when I can't seem to find one for the Nexus you sold me for her. I get your frustration.
LOL... I feel for you. That must be an immense burden!

...Android is Linux..
In the interest of clarity and not starting false rumors, Android is not Linux. Android runs on Linux, but isn't Linux itself. Android isn't a typical Linux distribution; it's more like the Qt interface for the Sharp Zaurus. I hope that makes sense.

...About a year ago my Toshiba Windows Vista laptop (Family Computer BTW) was dying. Not a single adult website was ever viewed on that thing and somehow this piece of junk somehow managed to pick up a virus. I found the culprit and killed it...Culprit: Windows.
I've been a real, working MCSE for 15 years, and have been in charge of several thousands of corporate computers at a time. I've studied Windows inside-out. Not once have I been able to get Windows Vista to accept all of the "updates" before it did a BSOD and died. Vista is a loser of an OS.

OTOH Windows 7 was a pleasant surprise. It does actually work. I think it's only fair to give MS credit where due.

For the record, I have ZERO issues with my phone and computer talking to each other. I send all files between the two devices using Android Device Bridge (ADB).
Ah-ha! I knew that so many people couldn't possibly be talking about the Apple Desktop Bus!
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