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My first boss, who started programming in the 50s, would bring me things that others couldn't solve and tell me that he needed a hacker to fix it. Most people at work hated my hacker nature but couldn't argue with results. I once replaced a sort routine for a very large data set that took over an hour on a minicomputer with a Sieve of Eratosthenes that ran in seconds.

What I dislike about the term is that anymore, most calling themselves hackers are not hackers at all. It's they who've given our skills a bad rep.

Anyway, this is our deal, so I wouldn't mind if we came up with our own name if outside terms can't be found.

Android Fixes - Because yes, it's not really done

Android Enhancements -

Android DIY Club - I kinda like this one you join just by lurking!

Android User Mods -

... others??
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