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Originally Posted by porquepine View Post
Ok, I do not know about the rest of you, but I am frankly tired of the "Unidentified" calls and then of course the calls that you do not want to accept, such as old girlfriends etc and they continue to contact you. Most cell phones do not have the option to block a number from contacting you. I would love the ability to block certain numbers, unidentified or anonymous numbers and only take the calls I desire to take!
What about the option to play a recorded message saying "Its not you its me, but really its you I'm just trying to be nice" for exs. and "Please remove me from your call list" for telemarketers.

So when you get a call you could just push a button and it would play them the message, you simply hang up at that point and the call would automatically end once the message is finished.

Also an option to add contacts you don't want to hear from so when they call you see nothing, but maybe a silent notification that says they tried calling.

Also the ability to set your phone to auto answer with custom voice mail away messages "Sorry i missed your call but I'm in a meeting/at the movies/seeing your gf, I'll be avalable after xx:xx to leave me a message press 1 now"

It would be such a handy tool for pretty much anyone.
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