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I had walked into a couple stores over the past couple days, kind of mulling over picking up an iPad. I bounced between 4G to take the place of the one x I have laying around and just getting a wifi and tethering since I am paying for the service. The LTE version kept springing to mind, mostly to run radar images on while I am out chasing as well as GPS. But I could not fully decide, wifi only or LTE, then there came, how much space do I need?

Then, when I thought I had things figured out, I either could not find help to purchase the device, or they did not have them in stock.

When I got up this morning a thought crossed my mind. Screw the ipad, at least for now. Everyone is buying them up for Christmas. But there was another thought...

Since the device would likely sit at home most of the time, because it would not fit in my pocket, and how often would it get used at work? I got a N7, which has a helleva less premium then the iPad, that I can shove in my back pocket, so if I break it, I could get another pretty easy. The N7 is portable. I can tether to my phone and use both at the same time.

I figured an iPad was redundant.

I will say right now, I am using a rather nice, 15" macbook pro. I can't say I intend to go back to windows. If I do, it will be in a virtual machine. I do not miss windows, and this has been a long time coming.


While shopping, I guess instead of looking around in stores that are littered with iStuff accessories, and not seeing much in the way of android, instead of feeling "left out" I can probably say, I feel unique, like a more advanced user, someone who went against the grain.

Now, where does this leave the issues I had in my OP?
Getting photos of the camera out in the field, say if I am storm chasing or see weather happen and want to report it while I am at work (in a form of ground truthing), carrying an ipad would be a pain. I cannot get the multi card reader to work in the N7 and can't seem to find a strait up card reader for the SD card my camera uses. I have an eye-fi card that my g12 has a known issue with in which the camera shuts the wifi part of the card off when the shutter is pressed, then if my phone is connected to it, it don't see the connection and therefore drops it, I have not tested this out in the field, so perhaps it will pick it up again.

I figured if nothing else, I can just upload the photos later when I get home, and hope a cell phone photo will be "good enough"

Then I thought about things a little bit more, figured, "the best camera there is, is one you have" and decided since I was going to plunk down the money for an iPad, how about this shutterbug getting himself an early christmas present?

I plunked down for a Sony DSC-RX100
It supports the eye-fi card and the card is small enough, I can shove it in my wallet to have on me and switch out as needed. Oh, and a massive 3tb harddrive for the MBP with firewire 800 for storage.

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