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Originally Posted by El Presidente View Post
OK, take a screenshot whilst in game so you can see the controls on screen. Exit the game, open Sixaxis, then menu > preferences > touch emulation > edit touch profiles > Double tap to bring up the menu > Change background and add your screenshot. You might Need to rotate the screenshot, but once you have, click add button and you'll be presented with a list of controller buttons. Line them up with the on screen controls, save the profile and you're done.

When you want to play that game, open sixaxis, pair, then load that games profile.

Have you tried all that?
No, I'll give it a shot sometime. Right now I'm hooked on Dead Trigger. Good info though, might make TDKR and COD playable

Edit: created touch profiles for both games.

TDKR is ok, most things work except for looking around. It works sometimes, but still kind of a pain.

COD really doesn't work at all. I can walk around, shoot, and stab, that's about it. No looking around, no aiming, no reloading, no grenades. Not really playable at all.
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