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Originally Posted by Dieben View Post
When I became a computer weenie I spent several years converting graphics arts shops, advertising agencies, corporate graphics and advertising departments, etc. to digital. OUT with the film-based cameras and enlargers, the light tables and waxers and knives. IN with the high end digital stuff. (And out with most of the employees too.) I had a software developer at Kodak write me some device drivers to connect the largest Kodak copy machines to my digital graphics computers.

You have seen the work I was involved in:
- advertising, brochures, signage, etc. for a major bank.
- advertising program for a US automobile manufacturer
- wine labels
- catalogs for a major retailer
- design of commemorative coins at a US Mint
- computer designed graphics for name-brand toys

I even had an article written about me in a graphics arts magazine.

So why aren't I rich?
It looks to me that you are rich. Many great experiences, public recognition, accomplishment. You can't buy stuff like that!
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