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Originally Posted by Digital Controller View Post
Skype sometimes syncs without you knowing. You can always go to accounts and sync and stop it, or even go into your contacts and settings and then choose to not show the Skype contacts.
Call me paranoid, but I find that tb unsettling - to say the least.

If Skype can mess around with my Android contacts without me even knowing about it, who else can?

I'm thinking in terms of somebody harvesting my Android contacts for sale to spammers.

Any idea who Skype is synching with? (gMail, Android?)

Edit 2012 12-14 1034:

I think I've got it:

[Andorid] > Settings > Accounts and sync > (SkypeID) Skype > Sync Contacts = False

Edit 2012 12-14 1022:

I may have answered my own question vis-a-vis who Skype is synching with.

Renamed a Skype contact via Windows's Skype, waited about 10 min, Android's Skype saw the renamed entry, checked Android Address Book and sure enough: that contact had been renamed.

Went to my gMail page, and I think my contact list is still empty. "Think" bc I no longer see anything on the page that explictly says "Contacts" - only "Circles", which is empty.
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