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Originally Posted by Harper77 View Post
Just my 2 cents:

I found that Go Launcher Ex was a HUGE drain on my battery. It had everything I wanted and very easy to use but the drain was a pain. I recently switched to ADW Ex and gained approx 30% MORE power.

Summary: avoid Go Launcher if U want to maintain battery power, which is an issue with the stock battery on the Galaxy S2 X.
On the other hand - I and many people run Go Launcher without a problem. Not to say you didn't have an issue just that it is a your mileage may vary issue (which is what make threads like this difficult to provide recommendations in). Plus Go is frequently updated so they may have resolved the issue you were having. Finally I suspect if you search hard enough you'll find someone who has the opposite experience you have with ADW Ex.

<shrugs> For the most part I wouldn't trust a single recommendation that an app is bad, particularly if it is highly rated in the app store. At best I'd take as an advisement of something I might want to watch out for. If a lot people are complaining about something, that might put me off of downloading an app but even then I might give it a try to see if it affects me.

As for malware the best advice is to only download from trusted sources like Google Play or Amazon. While there have been reports of getting malware through these sites it is still exceedinly rare. Also pay some attention to the permissions although I find this of limited value, still if something seem really off - it may bear investigating.

Finally you might want to download some monitoring apps like GSAM or Onavo Count just to keep an eye on what apps are doing and identify the troublesome ones.
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