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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
Looks like you're the top dog for photography, Bob. Wow!

Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why you're looking at Red as opposed to, say Arri for a multi-K cinema camera?

Pardon my ignorance, since I've never had the budget for more than 35mm film cameras and 2/3" imagers for my ENG-style cameras. I thought that the medium format still camera digital backs would be a better choice for still photography than adapting a digital cinema camera for the purpose. What am I missing? I'd think that something like the 80MP Mamiya Leaf back would be the way to go, especially for someone who already has medium format cameras and lenses.

I wish that I could afford a digital cinema camera, even though my "run and gun" video shooting style isn't really compatible with them. I almost bought a Panasonic 4K pro video camera, but when I came back down to earth I realized that I'd be better off buying a Sony that used my existing Sony batteries and accessories.

I expect a full report on what you end up buying!
Several good reasons I am considering a Red. I'll let you know why, when I can let you know why.

One big problem is when you spend money on a spendy camera, tech canges and better quality arrives and it costs you less money. Like everything tech, it gets better and cheaper and the costly crap drops in value.

As for Leaf, I am not talking. There are reasons I'll avoid Leaf.

If Kodak were in the photo business and digital did not rear its ugly head, I would stick with film. It's all Kodaks fault.
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