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Originally Posted by Dieben View Post
Talk about great experiences:

All of the employees and all of us contractors at the US Mint were subject to intense security checks when leaving the building. One day at the exit my luggage cart load of camera equipment and computer equipment passed inspection no problem, but the little metal hook at the front of my slacks wouldn't make it through the ultra-sensitive metal detector. The security guards wanted me to take off my slacks right there in the crowd of people in line there at the security gate
I've been in that predicament before. It's strange because I've walked through the same model metal detectors when I forgot to take off my belt with a large cowboy buckle, and I've been stopped by a piece of foil left by a roll of antacid tablets. I had one operator who thought that the rivets in my jeans were causing the thing to go off, and he told me to take the rivets out. And he was serious!
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