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Default Android crashing a lot

Whoever wrote that iOS crashes more than Android is wrong. I have many Android devices running various versions. Don't get me wrong i love Android but It crashes a LOT. My phone is basically a BlackBerry. You need to do a battery pull every day or two because it WILL lock up. Why? I don't know. It will just up and freeze. Screen either won't wake up, or during music it will just reboot itself. Or lock up. As a Linux based OS, I shouldn't need to reboot PERIOD. It's not windows. Apps occasionally act 'weird'. They either load a black screen followed by a force quit notice, or dump be back to the home screen. (Crash to desktop). Or claim network error when there ain't nothing wrong with the network. Even expensive android tablets seem laggy and could never replace my laptop or even my ipad. Somewhere I have a problem but this is bugging me. I don't know why android can't be made smooth and queue UI processes like iOS can. Is there any app or hack I can do to fix this because I hate using apple devices to do the same thing!

I get probably 23 hours of uptime before it crashes fatally. Half my themes don't apply themselves when I reset it. Many apps lose their configurations when it crashes. My ipad in contrast is rock stable, lags zero, and never requires a reboot unless I upgrade the os
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