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Originally Posted by admn81 View Post
Wow... Really? I get what your saying but the statistics aspect of it from a factual standpoint but this isn't an issue if statistics in fact it couldn't be less about that and more about the parents who will never see their kids again. I don't think you meant to come off as being cold about this but damn.
I disagree. I think statistics are important. When you consider how many kids (apparently, and if you believe the statistics) die from other things in greater numbers.

We do not need more gun laws to prevent this kind of thing. Perhaps we need teachers carrying guns or perhaps a permanent police state in all public schools? I would hate to see it, but some will say we do.

Perhaps a tall wall with sentries? What about cops in every class room?

I do not know.

The press will likely call for more gun laws and that is not the answer, either. Their goal is viewership and more papers sold. I do not think the press cares much about the truth; they will use this tragedy to further their needs.

That said, the press has always needed news and they have always covered stories like this. I do remmber when it was rare to have kids gunned down wholesale. If at all.

I do not like the stats brought up in these discussions, either. It does sound cold, but facts are often cold. I think more kids die from not wearing seatbelts or the improper use or the lack of child safety seats.

I did not look, just a guess.
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