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Default Also experienced poor bluetooth call quality

Originally Posted by Janthkin View Post
Picked up a pair of One X+ phones last night, and paired them with a) my car; and b) a Plantronics headset. Call quality, frankly, sucks - in the car, it's poor; on the headset, it's useless; I can't make out more than 1 word in 3.

Meanwhile, using the headset to listen to music via bluetooth is fine; no issues.

Anyone else experiencing like issues?
I just got my OX+ on Dec 9th, and it's unusable with handsfree in the car (2010 Prius). Also tried pairing with 2012 Acura MDX, similar bad call quality.

The other party sounds distorted, like the amplification is set too high, and there is clipping occurring. There is so much distortion it's not usable.

I put in calls to HTC help line mentioned here, and via the web site, and was basically given the message that they were not aware of the issue, and although it might be fixed at some point, they can't guarantee when.

The email reply was really nice:


Thanks for contacting HTC Technical Support Center in regards to your HTC One X+.

We understand how important it is to synchronize your HTC device with your car, Jeff. Regarding your question Bluetooth manufacturers make their devices to be compatible with our phones. We do not make our phones to be compatible with the thousands of Bluetooth devices in the market. Bluetooth manufacturers conduct the testing to see if complete compatibility is achievable. It is the software in the Bluetooth devices which dictates whether they work or not.

What I can recommend you is to unpair the device and pair the device with your Bluetooth again; our software in the phones ensures that the phone can pair and turn on the Bluetooth. Anything else goes to the Bluetooth manufacturer for troubleshooting.

That got me nowhere fast.

Returning it, unfortunately.
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