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They're a good bunch of people too, very responsive for both existing customers and prospective ones. I think you have a good plan moving forward after you're done with Sprint. I've been out of contract for almost 2 years now. I was *so close* to getting the LTE at $79, when it popped up on sale @ Amazon Wireless... but I'm very glad I hesitated, rather getting stuck with a 2-year contract again.

I was going to activate my HTC Hero on Ting, but then I noticed that there's no cost difference if you use 4G. The rate of new phone models is so quick, it doesn't take long for a new one to get pushed down to a lower shelf. So, I just bought a used very good condition Evo 3D (got it rather cheap @$80). I wouldn't mind the HTC Evo 4G LTE, but $455 is a bit steep. They do have a sale going on though, for $404. Samsung 32Gb S3 is $530. Once the LTE network matures, I'll get one. 4G will be enough of an improvement over 3G to satisfy me for another year, I think.
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