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Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
I am having mixed feelings about this update. Sometimes the phone flies and is as smooth as butter. Other times it is laggy and just feels slower. And my battery life has been cut in half but I am thinking it is an errant app and perhaps Google Now.
I feel the same way, especially with the new voicemail app. It is now white background, and swiping left to right from voicemail to voicemail, it is really laggy and slow. I like the Google Now, but other than a few minor things, I'm so far unimpressed.

I wish from handcent main menu where you see all your text messages, you could long press a persons text to call them, instead of having to open up the thread and long press on one of their messages. Just a small complaint.

Furthermore, frequently my phone's 'mobile data' will be on, but listed as 'not connected' the only way to reconnect is to reboot my phone. Turning the switch on and off does nothing. This is my second EVO LTE, and they have both had this problem. Overall, while I like Sense and I love the screen, I wish I had gotten the S3... faster updates and fewer problems.
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