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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing some common sense gun laws passed, but at this point there are simply too many guns in circulation in this country for a law to prevent something like this. Where we should be focusing our attention is on stopping the gutting of our mental health programs in America. Mental health always seems to be an easy target for budget cuts until something like this happens. We used to have a mental hospital in my city until budget cuts closed it down. Now the closest facility is over an hour away. I don't know the details yet of this particular case, but the guy was obviously deranged. Maybe this could have been prevented with the proper care. Or maybe not, but the next one could. And there's always a next one. Btw, the governor who cut mental health care to the bone in Ohio at the time was a Democrat, so I'm not just Republican bashing.

I remember seeing an interview of a former psychiatric ward doctor back with the Aurora shooting. He was talking about exactly that. He looked back and told about how strict they were with people thought to have mental disorders and how there wasn't much tolerance of letting them loose in public.

If you look at what if anything is left of psychiatric wards, it is nothing compared to the 70s. I think maybe we should look into what that may bring if they were to revive them.
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