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Originally Posted by ams04 View Post
plz give me details about these build prop

persist.sys.multitouch=2 (i tried doing it 1/false but sys is still multitouch)

# This defines the min duration between two pointer event in ms
ro.min_pointer_dur=10 (tried this also with valus 60,100 bt no change)

# disable touch below 60 pixels
mot.proximity.distance=60 (dont what this is but tried and no diff)

i want to know what last two properties do exctly
Yup i think I know this

Multitouch =2 its a hardware property stating the number of touches the screen takes in or can take in at a single time ... try making it 3 or 4 and see if the device takes them ...

for the ro.min_pointer_dur=10

Pointer cancellation

When using touch or pen input, sometimes pointers on the screen can be canceled. For example, if your screen supports no more than two simultaneous touch points and you add a third finger to the screen, one of the other points will be canceled because the hardware cannot track three points. []

# disable touch below 60 pixels
mot.proximity.distance=60 clearly states that it will consider any 2 touches to be 1 if you touch in a distance below 60 pixels
like two fingers you use to touch is not separated by 60 pixels they will be treated as one finger itself by the software

Hope that helps
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