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Originally Posted by wyndslash View Post
that's true. the case i'm getting is also a flip cover type, so the screen is protected. but i use the s-pen a lot and i don't want to inadvertently scratch the screen. i'm being paranoid, i know.

by the way, anyone here using juice defender? been thinking of getting the ultimate version but want feedback first ;p
Juice Defender really varies in positives by device and service. I used it a little bit in the past. But I find if you're looking to turn off services with screen off or by time, purchase Tasker. It can do that and a TON more. In fact we have a whole forum for it!

Originally Posted by Rcarnes91 View Post
I never use screen protectors any more, waste of money just buy insurance for my phone/tablet instead always seems to pay for itself
I've thrown away WAY too much money on insurance, but it's the only way I'm going to go. If that brand new phone breaks, $80 is a whole lot easier to swallow than $500+.
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