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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
. . . I have a 6 x 9 Voightlander Bessa. The best Bessa ever made and probably the finest 6 x 9 folder available. It creates large negatives that are tack sharp. No pro would be caught dead using one because my theory is many pros do not consider that there were some amazing cameras made eons ago that can flat out do the job. ..
It amazes me how the teeny tiny lenses on cell phones can take as good photos as they do. But they can't do real quality work. The tiny fixed lens on a cell phone offers nowhere near the image quality or versatility of good interchangible lenses or even of a decent zoom lens.

I spent big bucks for fast lenses and long lenses and closeup lenses for my Nikons and Minoltas, It's very rewarding to see the quality results that those lenses can produce.

I spent a few bucks for zoom lenses that are handy for a wide variety of decent informal memorabilia shots at family gatherings, sports events, etc.

Yes, my cell phone snapped that spectacular panorama on that hike in the mountains. But PhotoShop can't enhance that image into the work of art it could have been had I had a Nikon with me.
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